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Features of the nutrition of dogs of small and dwarf breeds

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Puppy nutrition rules


Puppies of miniature and dwarf breeds have several significant features that must be considered when choosing food. And it’s not just the small size: many of the organs of “compact” dogs are very sensitive, requiring a carefully selected diet.

The puppy’s immune system is formed within 12 months. Until this age, the so-called “immune gap” is observed in his body when the amount of antibodies obtained from his mother’s smothers milk is reduced, and his immune system has not yet been fully formed. During this period, the puppy is especially vulnerable to various infections and is prone to digestive disorders. Therefore, his body needs support, which he must constantly receive along with daily nutrition.

Help immunity


Thus, PRO PLAN ® Small & Mini Puppy with the OPTISTART ® complex reduces the risk of intestinal infections and normalizes the balance of the digestive system and intestinal microflora by adding bovine colostrum to the feed. Colostrum enhances the puppy’s immunity as it contains natural antibodies and bioactive components that the puppy is used to getting from its mother smothers milk. And the omega-3 fatty acid (DHA) included in PRO PLAN ® Small & Mini Puppy ensures the correct development of the pet’s brain and vision.

PRO PLAN® Small & Mini Puppy with OPTISTART®

Suppose you take a puppy from a nursery where he has already been transferred from mother smothers milk to food. In that case, you should accustom him to the new food gradually, over 7-10 days, mixing both diets in different proportions and increasing the share of fresh food by about 10% every day.

Sensitive body support


Puppies of small and toy breeds have smaller stomachs than other puppies. But at the same time, they are often characterized by increased activity and consume more energy. Therefore, they need food that contains more nutrients in smaller portions. They are also often at risk for dental and gum diseases such as plaque buildup, tartar formation, and associated bacterial complications, and many miniature breeds (such as Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers) have a susceptible digestive tract. Your little pet’s skin can also be sensitive. PRO PLAN ® Small & Mini Puppy Sensitive Skin with OPTIDERMA ® is ideal for these puppies.
The micronutrients contained in the food help maintain healthy skin and coat. Its use minimizes the risk of skin reactions associated with food sensitivities because it does not contain gluten.
The main ingredient in the PRO PLAN ® Small & Mini Puppy diet is high-quality salmon, a source of protein and omega-3, and six fatty acids. The increased levels of trace elements and antioxidants included in the formula are specially formulated for dogs with sensitive skin.


Rules for the nutrition of adult dogs

Small and dwarf breeds of dogs not only have a fragile physique: many of their organs are highly sensitive. But despite their small size, they are very energetic. These features and needs should be considered when organizing the nutrition of your small pet.

Three rules for choosing a diet

One of the main rules says that if you choose a ready-made diet, it must be balanced and consider all the pet’s needs. Another rule concerns strict adherence to the feeding regimen and portion sizes. Thirdly, it prescribes making the diet of an adult dog mostly from dry food, which helps prevent the formation of tartar and is perfectly absorbed by the pet’s body.


Rules for the nutrition of adult dogs

Small and toy breed dogs need exceptional dry food enriched with unique ingredients to help prevent dental and gum disease, which these dogs are particularly prone to.
Proper nutrition for your little pet positively affects his level of physical activity and, of course, his well-being and health.

For the especially energetic

The metabolic rate of small and toy breed dogs is much higher than that of large dogs. They are very active and tend to burn more calories per kilogram of their body weight than medium and large breeds. Surprisingly, they need 60% more calories to stay awake all day. At the same time, such dogs have small stomachs and cannot eat as much food as large pets.


Due to their high metabolism, small dogs should be fed more frequently but in smaller portions. Follow the instructions on the package so that the quantity and quality of meals strictly correspond to the pet’s weight. Otherwise, overeating will be fraught with obesity and related health problems.

Therefore, without exception, representatives of small and dwarf breeds need exceptional food with higher calorie content, such as PRO PLAN® Small & Mini Adult. It contains the OPTIHEALTH® complex, which positively affects the intestinal microflora due to the content of prebiotic fibers that improve gastrointestinal motility and normalize digestive processes.

In addition, a balanced content of calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D maintains healthy teeth and gums. The optimal ratio of proteins, calories and omega-3 fatty acids positively affect joint health, even with excessive stress.

For healthy skin and bone

One of the most common problems in small and toy breed dogs is sensitive skin with a tendency to allergic reactions. Such skin needs exceptional support: skin-improving omega-3 and six fatty acids, which are found, for example, in salmon fish, vitamins A, B, C, and E. Zinc are highly beneficial for the health of dog skin and coat.

PRO PLAN® Small & Mini Adult Sensitive Skin with OPTIDERMA® Complex is enriched with these trace elements, amino acids that help maintain healthy skin, and pets’ coats containing an increased level of antioxidants. It is gluten-free, minimizes possible skin reactions associated with food sensitivities, and uses high-quality salmon as the primary source of protein.

For healthy digestion


Another weak point of dogs of small and dwarf breeds is the sensitivity of the digestive system; the balance of the intestinal microflora is easily disturbed in them. To maintain the proper functioning of such pets’ gastrointestinal tract and improve digestion and intestinal motility, they need to consume fiber and high-quality protein; their diet should contain easily digestible nutrients and prebiotics.

These GI-friendly ingredients are found in PRO PLAN® Small & Mini Adult Sensitive Digestion with OPTIDIGEST® Complex. In addition, it contains chicory an excellent prebiotic inulin source that improves the balance of the dogs intestinal microflora. And as a source of protein, lamb meat is used, which has a high biological value and reduces the load on the gastrointestinal tract.

Rules for the nutrition of small and dwarf breeds in adulthood

As dog’s age, many changes occur in their bodies. They need to be treated with patience and listened to; they should be taken into account to support your pet competently. And proper nutrition plays a vital role in this. With age, the dog’s brain activity begins to decrease, the risk of dental problems increases, and bones and joints weaken.

Complete food for dogs of small and dwarf breeds over nine years old; its unique composition helps slow down the aging process, improves brain activity, strengthens teeth, gums, and bones, and generally maintains the health of the body.

Age changes

It is necessary to feed dogs in adulthood with food that takes into account the health characteristics of pets at this age stage. It has many differences from food for other age groups: in nutritional value, the content of trace elements, minerals, and vitamins.

To keep your brain active


Since the brain of a dog, upon reaching the age of 9, begins to lose its former abilities, its activity must be constantly maintained. The primary energy source for the brain is glucose, but in dogs in adulthood, its cells are no longer able to process it into power in the right amount.

Therefore, the brain needs alternative energy sources: they can be medium chain triglycerides. They are found in vegetable oils, such as coconut oil, which is part of PRO PLAN® Small & Mini Adult 9+. This food contains the OPTIAGE® complex, which improves the cognitive functions of dogs, nourishes the nervous tissue, and positively affects mental activity. In addition, it contains antioxidants and vitamins E and C, which slow down aging and tissue damage.

For the strong teeth

Due to the specially selected texture of the granules, and the optimal level of vitamin D, calcium, and phosphorus, this food contributes to the health of teeth and gums, which at this age need special care.

PRO PLAN® Small & Mini Adult 9+

With age, the teeth and gums of representatives of small and dwarf breeds become more susceptible to various diseases. When choosing a diet, remember that it should consider these features and have a small granule size and a crispy, crumbly texture so that it is easier and more convenient for the dog to chew it.

Attractive taste


You may also notice that as a dog ages, its appetite decreases markedly. Therefore, the food should be helpful and have a unique, pleasant taste that helps awaken the pet’s appetite, which will be eaten with pleasure.

Always remember that your dog eats affects his health, well-being, and mood. All this is very important at any age, especially for a pet in adulthood, because so many changes occur in his body. Proper nutrition can correct them and help avoid serious problems, allowing your pet to continue to enjoy life next to his beloved owner.

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